Q: How long is the Lease? 

A: Generally all our Leases are for a period of one year.  However, in some cases we will do a month to month Lease.

Q: Do you run a credit check?

A: We do not run credit checks or use credit scores.  We rely heavily on job history and references from a previous Landlord.

Q:  Is there an Application Fee?

A:  No

Q:  What is required to rent a house or apartment?

A:  We have an application that must be thoroughly filled out by each person over the age of 18.  We must verify that the Household Income is at least three times the monthly rent.  We require a copy of Tenant Driver’s License or Photo I.D. and a Police Report (Background Check)

Q: Do you allow Pets?

A:  Pets are not normally allowed the Apartments.  We do allow certain pets in single family homes.  If a pet is approved, a $500 additional Deposit is required.

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